Haley lost her husband whilst they were under a cloud. Her ranch is now in trouble and the ever helpful Cord drops in to help out when he can. Pity Haley is now fighting a rampaging cast of lustful thoughts starring Cord. He is her late husbands friend and team mate!


Cord has always carried a torch for Haley but she was married to his friend and therefore off limits.
But now 2 years after his friends death the old feelings are back and are getting harder and harder to ignore. When a planned repair at the ranch forces him to essentially live there for 3 weeks, his strength of will is going to be tested to the limit!

But both are keeping secrets and not just about their feelings for each other. And secrets have a habit of not staying hidden for long.

Great mix of emotions within this book. Respect of armed services, loyalty to team members and returning veterans care. Relationships of all kinds are investigated including family, friends and romance. Great addition to the series and can’t wait for the next!