What an intriguing new series!!!

Faith and Mark have been friends since they were children. They have been able to “talk” telepathically since they were teenagers. They each realised that they were more than friends but neither wanted to lose their friendship. But eventually all the tension came to a head and they had one magical night as young adults. many years later they have a weekend rendezvous but again are torn apart by their commitments and their wariness of losing their friendship.

But when Mark and his team are ambushed and he is taken prisoner, Faith begins to have flashes of contact with him. She pulls out all the stops in her bid to find him and return him home. She even ropes in her aunt and TLC to aid her. But she also manages to step on some toes, attached to those involved in Mark’s confinement and torture. Can she reach anyone who can help her track Mark in time? Will she even be taking seriously considering she is a romantic novelist?

Great introduction to the world of Phoenix, all ex military personnel with a lot to offer to the world. I love cloak and dagger spy novels and this had a great twist by including telepathic powers! I really loved Faith and Mark and their very real love affair, stretched over decades. It’s just a shame that neither was willing to make the jump into romance earlier.