Brent has a lot of problems with his inner bear. He always seems to be at odds with it, it always seems to be on the rampage about something! He is now faced with his long lost brother being leader of the rogues and now a possible ally.


Emma has a very real time limit on her visit to Heartsridge. She is under attack from a very aggressive cancer and her only option left is to be turned. When she runs into Brent in the square, she recognises him from an earlier visit but they don’t have a friendly meeting. But later she is brought further into the town when bombs go off in her local cafe and her inner doctor needs to treat those injured, no matter what species.

With Purist terrorists, killers, bombers and rogues all descending on the town, Brent and Emma do not have a slow and easy start to their relationship! I loved catching up with the other couples and I cannot wait to read the others in this series!!!!