A Seer with memory problems and an Alpha with problems with the True Believers!


Hayden Chaucer runs a winery in Napa and acts as Alpha to his splinter pack of wolves. His brother may be Pack Alpha but he much prefers being out in the country away from the city. But when a human female turns up at the winery knowing way too much about him and the pack, he’s not sure whether she is a TB plant or a whackjob! He does however have another problem, she is his mate!

Chelsea Steefle has been kept prisoner by the True Believers for years. She inherited her grandmothers gift of seeing possible alternative futures and feels like she knows Hayden from those glimpses. But her hold on these visions is temporary and she soon forgets them. But when she wakens at the winery and Hayden tells her who she is to him and why she is there she is flummoxed. She can’t remember any of it.

But when the TB turn up as Chelsea predicted the wolves are ready for them. It’s now up to Hayden to give Chelsea a crash course in wolves and mates!

Great story. Although a little less steamy and action packed than the previous books, this is very much more focused on the emotional and mental well being of those captured by the TB and former members of the Alpha Prime’s training camp.