What a fantastic debut novel! Brilliant mix of humour, action/adventure and scorching romance!


Quinn may be a librarian, but she has real passion for spy novels, fostered by her beloved grandfather. When she helps out a gorgeous Englishman with some research on art exhibits, she never thinks that she will end up in the middle of her own spy novel!

She rocks a glock, thanks to her ex Marine father, with as much passion and zeal as she does the Dewey decimal system. She and the mysterious James end up on the run and evading the bad guys, all whilst hunting his missing partner and some elusive armaments.

With a great tour through Oxfords literary haunts of the great authors and a real snappy repartee between our lead characters, I seriously enjoyed this. It appealed to be nerdy self and my own love affair with spies. Nicole, our heroines best friend is awesome and really needs her own book, but with a love up other half already I’m not sure how! There are no explicit sex scenes and it has a really tightly plotted story. I have already pre-ordered book 2!!!