Mercy has a chip on her shoulder. After being sidelined by her family and made to feel less than strong by her domineering brothers and overprotective parents, she drives herself to perform perfectly at work. With a possible international position in the family firm on the line, she enrols with Brothers in Arms for a safety course. Sadly whilst Mercy may be intelligent, kiss ass businesswoman, a survivalist, badass she is not.


Enter Vann, hotter than hot former seal and now Mercy’s only hope of passing her course. But with the flame of attraction burning hot between them, it’s affecting both of their concentration skills!

With the continuing story arc of a conspiracy against SEALS and the Brothers In Arms, it does help to have read book 1 but it is easy to fill in the gaps if you haven’t. Wonderful story with strong characters. it would have been very easy to make Mercy just another rich girl but she has a suitably flawed and vulnerable side to go with her kickass business attitude.