Jace has been left holding the reins at Brothers In Arms. With one friend undertaking physiotherapy and another now working as his fiancees bodyguard, he has been left to deal with the day to day running of the facility. But with further SEAL deaths nearby, the Feds have now arrived on his doorstep.


Felicity, said Fed, has a feeling that the deaths of the SEALS are part of a larger story and with her partner travel to speak Jace and his partners about their involvement. But with budget cuts, she is left to run the investigation pretty much solo and with no back up, except for one very sexy, but revenge fuelled former SEAL!

Great resolution to the trilogy. All the bad guys accounted for and all our heroes with HEA! Felicity was kick ass and totally just what jaded Jace needs! Leila is a force of nature as usual and gives a real pop of familial comic relief. Loved it!