What a fantabulous crossover between two of my favourite military romance authors!


Laney is a caring mother, on the run protecting her daughter (and herself) from the fists and temper of her abusive ex. Complicating matters is the fact that he is a cop and has tarred her as a kidnapper! She has escaped his clutches so far but when her daughter is in need if urgent care she finds getting help is a bit of a struggle.

Enter Riser. He has been crushing on Laney for a while. She tended bar at is favourite watering hole but he always knew she was a forever kinda girl and just wasn’t ready for that. But when he steps in to make sure her daughter gets the care she needs he inadvertently alerts her ex to her location.

When he realises what he has done Riser refuses to allow another female under his care get hurt and manages to spirit Laney away. But can he protect her from an ex with the power of law enforcement behind him?

Laney and Riser are such a great couple. My only gripe was I wanted more! It is short but packs a powerful punch a great storyline tying together domestic, emotional and physical abuse. There is even a little glimpse of Duke, who is quickly turning into an awesome character.