Talen and Cara have been together for over 25 years. But for most of that time Cara has been frail and fragile whilst recuperating from the Vampire Virus that almost killed her. With their children now grown and leading their own lives, Cara wants to get back into a productive role. Pity the Alpha vampire she is married to wants to continue to wrap her in cotton wool!


Talen is the hottest granddad in the world! He dotes on Janie and little Hope and he knows their son Garrett is doing well at university. But why does Cara need to rock the boat? When a little expedition into the north with samples for testing gets a bit hair-raising, Talen wonders how Cara managed to talk him into this!

Talen is a tightly coiled Alpha and I loves the way Cara wouldn’t let him just walk all over her! Great characters, witty banter and I can’t wait to see more of Garrett and his friends!