EEEEKKKKK one of my favourite series is ending – what will fill the hole??? But what a jam packed ending we have!


Sanctuaryhas been through a lot lately. Families have been devastated by loss, torture and abuse. The prophecy regarding the Guardians and the portal to the Veil and rid the universe of the are under attack and may never come to fruition. Xerxes is unrelenting in his attacks and with Djinn on his side, they can pop in anywhere!

Godric was a Djinn who was misled by a paramour and became a hybrid Vampire. Shunned by his family he has roamed the Earth. But when he learns of his niece’s abuse at the hands of Xerxes he heads to Sanctuary to assist in getting her back.

Calliope was tied to Sanctuary through a deal with Rose to cloak her existence. But with Rose’s death Calliope has a finite amount of time before her deplorable father seeks her out. If he finds her, she and her sisters will once more be under his abusive control. But when Godric appears before she feels the pull of the mate bond but can she deny the link? With the curse hanging over her head and Godric being part Djinn, it appears fate is once again being a fickle madam!!

This story is told from multiple POV and that is a great way to get around all the little straggly endings for your fave Sanctuary couples. There are sexual abuse triggers within the book which some may not want to read but there is nothing explicitly described. I think it made the characters themselves stronger for what they had endured. I loved the little epilogues which tied things up with a bow. However there was a little dangly hook and hint at what might be next….so I’m now salivating at the thought of what is coming next!!!