Maria Torres is slowly getting her life back. After being held against her will for 8 years, she made her escape and now works for the firm that helped keep her safe during her captors trial. She still has issues with being touched but she has understanding co-workers. But she thinks that all they see now is the victim that she was not the survivor she has become!


Dwayne is no different, he can laugh, joke and flirt with all the other females, but around her he is Mr Stank back. If only he didn’t star in the steamy dreams she has. She may still be a virgin but she has a romantic novel collection to rival no other! When a new client won’t go into hiding without Maria, putting her on the front line for once, Maria decides it’s time to test her mettle!

Dwayne is the glue that holds his family together, after his fathers death on 9/11. When he is sent undercover to hide a witness with Maria, the poor man has a conniption! Maria is untested in the field but worse, he has a major crush on the timid female and being in confined quarters with her may be his undoing!

I really enjoyed this read. I hadn’t read book 1 but was o worse off for that. Dwayne and Maria are great characters and really leapt into my heart. Bitsy…well she was an acquired taste for sure. I know she was trying to do good but her total rich beatch attitude really grated on my nerves. Now off to find the first book to read!