35178094Falling Dark by Christine Pope

What a superb new series from Christine Pope!! Great new take on Vampires and Gargoyles and all things that go bump in the night!!!

Serena has had a lot to put up with in her short life. A disinterested family incl: aspiring politician of a brother, harpy of a mother, self obsessed sister and a father who just seems to fade into the background! After a car accident leaves her with visions she really only has one friend left, Candace. Thankfully her neighbours have adopted her and look out for her.

But when something…different attacks her and she is saved by the mysterious Silas, she gets sucked into a world she never knew existed. And whilst she may treat Silas as a new friend, he has been watching for longer than she thinks! Lucius just makes your skin crawl and semivives are just….bleeeeeuuuuughh!

Be warned this does end in a cliffhanger!!! Dammit now I need to know what happens next?


The Guardians by Mandy Roth

Action packed, erotically charged… winning combination!!!

Supernaturals abound in this stonkingly good story.

Madelyn Mia is your average, every day, lone female guardian, surrounded by kick ass males wherever she goes. The light in her deadly world is her room mate and best friend Brady, a Hollywood actor. No spoilers but lets just say this girl has access to hot and sexy shifters, vampires and a sex nymph or two.

Brady is one very sexy and famous movie star but what else is he hiding?

I literally laughed out loud, always the sign of a good book in my opinion and i loved the snarky but also vulnerable heroine and our hollywood actor but very down to earth heart-throb hero.. Brilliant back story and lots of twist and turns and “WTF” moments!

What u waiting for… go buy it!