Samantha is reeling by the events from book 1. Her twin sister now looks half her age, she has found a strapping mate and has seemingly settled quickly into the weird little town. Samantha wants none of that domestication thank you, she is a surgeon and no-one is going to make her give that up. She is quite happy to not be a juvie!


Liam Keller, mayor of Cougarville, millionaire business owner and runs a small town tavern – the man is a real conundrum. When he is saved by Samantha he pledged to keep her safe, even from her own hard headed self! When she takes off to a convention of Sin City, he tags along. They are soon embroiled with illicit juvie chemicals, shifter testing and a downright nasty villain!

Liam manages to redeem himself in this book. He was a bit of a pillock in book 1 but he really straightens out and we learn why he is so down on love and romantic entanglements. Samantha’s need for control and her career are great but she does not seem to bend a little bit so she did become a bit too stubborn! The bad guys are suitably evil and they got a HEA so I’m happy!!!