Betsy is in way over her head. Her Fiancee, in name only, is an overbearing ass! When Cyrus smells her in a coffee shop, Nathan just about whacks her in the middle of the cafe! But with her family being held captive, Betsy has no choice to go along with Nathan.


Cyrus cannot believe he found his mate in a coffee shop of all places. The fact that she is the twin of the very female mated to his new ally was just further messing with his head. But when he realises that Betsy has no clue that she is a wolf, he engineers her escape from Nathan and reunites her with her sister. But not before Lake meddles and brings forth her wolf!

We then learn of her family’s involvement in the kidnap and sale of wolf babies. Poor Betsy then learns that her family may not be the captives she thinks they are!

Another fab instalment in the series. Lake is truly afflicted in this and I really felt for her, especially after Girls Night turns into Hell Night! I loved the way Cyrus kind of mellowed around Betsy whilst still being hyper Alpha!