This is another fantastic tale set in a world were the forces of Good and Evil are being kept in check by a certain bunch of Guardians!


Katherine is not an easy person to love, she basically believes that every bad thing that has happened to her in her past, she deserved. From losing her sister, watching her father kill her mother, even the loss of her baby with Ari.

She uses an icy facade to keep everyone at bay, after all you don’t let them in it can’t hurt when they eventually leave.

Ari has given Kat enough room to grieve the loss of their child. He gets that charging off looking for her long lost family was maybe not what she needed at the time, but he knows that she is not regenerating properly and he is just the Viking to set her up properly. But when Leviathan, daughter of Lucifer, starts messing with Kat and her emotional guilt, he has to learn to anchor Kat before she is lost to him forever.

OOOO Leviathan is the Queen of mucking with your head! I didn’t know what way was up sometimes. Kat is seriously not the easiest character to like straight off the bat, I really didn’t warm to her that much in book 1. But she is SOOO worth the wait. I love it when characters make you change your mind about them. I loved how her icy demeanour cracked and we got to see the caring, alternative-family-creating woman underneath all that sarcasm and Beatchiness!

Ari has been a bit of blundering idiot over Kat’s feelings and what she needed in the past, but he has seen the error of his ways and he can no longer watch her struggle to take on the world herself. They are a fab twosome and I really enjoyed their ride.

Looking forward to book 3! Not sure who I want to see up next, but I know it’ll be a blast!