Unlike previous Terramates stories, this one happens on Earth! Add in Yarian conspiracies, stolen sacred gem and an egotistical jerk of a fiance and you have yourself a satisfying read.

Michelle has climbed the corporate ladder and feels valued at work. She is engaged to a handsome actor, who has decided to run for office. But when a Yarian spaceship crash lands nearby, she is pulled into action/adventure with Cas, our handsome warrior alien.

I have to give Michelle the plaudits for trying to keep her flagging relationship going but the jerk was never worth her time in the first place. Talk about selfish, narcissistic, jerk! She eventually lands at TerraMates where the easy on the eye Cas catches her eye.

This was not my favourite of the Terramates books but that’s only because I couldn’t understand with Michelle saw in her fiance and why continued to put up with him!!!!