What a fabtabulous collision between PDA and A Wolfs Hunger series!

Her Highlander's Desire by A.K. Michael

Tasha knows that Geri Wilder (&the PDA) is just what Alinka needs to find her mate. First thought she needs to be a little conniving and convince her hubby, the Alpha, that it’s all his idea LOL.

Alinka never thought she’d leave the country, never mind travel as far as Scotland! But with her Alpha and his mate’s blessing, that’s where she finds herself. Mind you she thinks she’s going on a kind of cultural exchange, not a mate hunt!

Dara and Alinka re all fireworks and instant chemistry, even if neither are really ready for it. But too much too soon seems to fry their decision making processes and before you know it they are both making off-the-deep-end decisions, without considering what the other wants/needs.

If you love PNR, Scotland and a great love story, you have all three in this little gem! You will find yourself using some of the Scottish words in the book in your day to day life! Perfection!