Essa has been isolated from her father, Nereus by her aunt and trained to take over as Pythia, Oracle to Apollo. She is satisfied with her life, only mourning the mother she never knew, who had died in childbirth. But when she is caught up in nets, she is rescued by a huge winged man…one who makes her heart go pitty pat!


Nazrin has secrets of his own. He knows that Essa is his mate, something unusual for his kind. But he is not the only male in the running and his protective/possessive streak rears its ugly head! Training Essa only adds to the complications…knowing that she is to betray him, and Halcyon, eventually.

With her amulet lost, she needs to rely on Nazrin to find it. Nazrin needs the amulet to cure his niece, who due to her mixed species heritage, is not faring well. Add in a blood betrothal between Essa and Kai, cyclops and all manner of other mythological folk and you have yourself a gem of a read!

Another fab read in the Halcyon series and it was lovely to see even crotchety, narky, stubborn males like Nazrin get a HEA. Essa came across as quite naive, which fit with her being secluded away. But she gains a new perspective as the story unfolds and she learns her and Nazrins part in the Gods plan.

Grab it now!!!