Hemi is the first of the Berserkers to get a HEA!


Hemi and his fellow former mercenaries, bikers and ex-cons make up the infamous Berserkers. They are hard core, Alpha to the nth degree and maybe not bring-home-to-mum kinda men but they get the job done and you can rely on them to blow the Gizzida back to wherever they came from!

Cam is a top-notch soldier, male or female. She is driven to the end of her well worn tether by a certain Kiwi Bad boy. He bedazzled her helmet for cripes sake! The man may ooze sex appeal but Cam wants to get rid of the Gizzida, not scratch an itch with the resident no.1 bad-boy!

Creepers are closing in on my top 5 of creepiness that the Gizzisa have wrought on Hell Squad and the rest of the survivors. But will even Hemi be able to survive their slobbering maws? Will he be forever changed by their pods?

Hemi is everything you want in a bad boy. Charming when he wants to be, creative, loving and downright HAWT! You learn more about his family and you can’t help but love him when he talks about his madcap family. Cam is slow to the “Hemi likes you party”, even though the rest of the team are like “FINALLY!!”

I cannot wait to see what happens with the rest of the Berserkers. I want to know the next lucky couple are going to be as full on, passionate and hard-headed stubborn as there two were. Stubborn just means they’ll be page melting hot when they finally get together!

Snarky, funny, witty banter wrapped into a tightly controlled but expanding world of alien invasion. Perfect!