Everyone always says it’s the quiet girls you have to watch out for…Sloane epitomises that in spades!!


Sloan managed to get away from her Irish Mob family. She is sick of being sheltered from their dealings and wants a clean break. She finally gets far away from their influence. Now in Washington State, she is as far as she could get from life in Boston. She scrapes a living in a diner and rents a small house from a relative of her sister in law. The only blip on her humdrum but oh so safe life…the grumpy hottie next door!

Jude has other thongs on his mind than the little mouse who moved next door. He’s a skilled hitman and she is messing with his assignment! His revenge has been stewing for decades and he can feel it in his grasp. Colm will feel his wrath and he’ll be rid of the spectre’s of his past. He does not need Sloane complicating matters.

This was not my usual read and not something I’d generally consider. But I cannot deny it was a finely crafted piece of work. The characters leap off the page and whilst they are from the murkier side of life, they all have some characteristics you can admire; loyalty, resilience, etc. The tangled web of the 3 Irish Mob families and the lurking menace of the Russian Mob give a great sense of danger and a great backdrop on which to play out this every emotion driven story.

My only main quibble was that the bookcover model didn’t gel with the description of Jude. Where was my manbun wearing “Brock”? But other than that a great story.