Deacon Remy left town under a cloud. His father and mother were wastes of space and his grandfather left a mountain of debt after his death. But he has his finances in order after working pretty much non stop the last few years. He has returned to pay off his creditors and then he can leave with his head held high once more.


Monica is a bit of silver spoon baby. her dad is a well off Doctor and she is a Paediatric nurse. She narrowly missed being married off to the reprehensible ex – who I won’t even name! Deacon comes to Monica’s rescue at the roadside and she is aware of his shifter status, he doesn’t hide it and she really doesn’t care. Bu when her father all but runs him off with his rude and almost bigoted behaviour, Monica thinks she has seen the last of the hunky Deacon.

The story is fact paced, full on action and the passion is sparking from the moment these two meet! A great story within the wilder Aspen Valley World. It was nice to see some of the previous book in a kind of “different perspective” as they overlap in time slightly. Great read!