Olivia is a data analyst, dammit, not a survival expert! She is not cut out for sweltering hot, alien worlds! But with the rest of the surviving crew members she is doing her best to survive on this weird planet. When her group of survivors are visited by strangers, she is pulled inexorably to the tall, tailed Ragnar. She feels she keeps making a prat of herself in his presence, there is no way someone that hot is interested in little ole her. She can’t even talk to him due to the language barrier.

Ragnar has found his treasure. He will do everything in his power to keep Olivia safe. They might not be able to talk but body language has a definite place in this relationship! As they make their way towards the Zmaj city that the other survivors have made home, they get a nasty surprise on their arrival, Ladon won’t let them in!

But with the wily women that the Zmaj have mated on their side, Olivia and the others won’t be left out in the heat for too long!

I loved the instalanguage comp! I could do with one of them myself. Ragnar is sweetly domineering and possessive but would do anything to keep Olivia safe. Olivia feels like she is unworthy of the hotness that is Ragnar but under his care, she slowly recognises herself as one kick but leader!