Natasha is carrying on a family tradition in medicine. Her father may create Cyborgs, but she is helping them rehab and re-enter civilian life. But when she walks in on her slimeball husband doing the dirty with a bar bunny, she realises that she is not so much heart broken but embarrassed. She returns to live with her father but soon her world is rocked again when he dies unexpectedly. But the biggest surprise in store is when she enters the basement and finds her dad’s last project, an honest to god Cyborg in his basement.

Add in her revolting ex making attempts to get back together again, a sympathetic work colleague who may have a crush on her and her own very up-close-and-personal interactions with Fury and you have a very engaging tale.

Fury is quite disorientated when he first “wakes” up in the basement. He is used to Dr Daniels given him orders, but this female is unknown to him. But without further orders to follow, he’ll go along with her plans for him until such times as he has enough intel to make a decision. But add in a cybernetic update which removes the blocks on his former human life memories and he gets swamped with more info than he can handle.

But one thing is for sure, Superior or not, human or not, Natasha is his to protect and he’ll carry out those orders with or without her permission!

I loved finding out about Fury’s previous life and how he Natasha had similar stories, minus the cybernetics! Their encounters are passionate and a bit kinky but Natasha also feels guilty as she is supposed to be in charge of him, not the otherway around!