Andrea is one of the new batch of mail order brides from the former Alma Venus training school. She is on the hunt for a shifter husband but is she there for love or what a good match with a wealthy shifter can bring her???


Calder Grimmr has a lot to lose, one of the reasons why he kept his screen name so anonymous when speaking with Andrea. Now that she has agreed to marry him, he reveals more about his position and feels comfortable letting Andrea into his clan. With the antidote for shifter venom now available he no longer has to worry about his mate dying as she will now become a hybrid and share his long life.

But as Andrea gets to know Calder, his children and his clan will she drop the nefarious plan to cut and run or will she see that all she ever wanted is just within her grasp?

I have to say I loved the Alma Venus original stories and this was a good book I just felt I couldn’t love Andrea. She was such a cold-hearted gold-digger! I know she came from nothing and wanted to be comfortable but when her plan undfolds I just wanted to hurt her! I thought Calder was waaay to forgiving. It won’t put me off reading others in this series but I sure hope there are no more Andreas!