Nina and Jordan’s story.


Nina is desperately fighting off her heat cycle. She is over having to take numerous lovers during her cycle, it just leaves her feeling unsatisfied and horrible for using the men around her as a stopgap. Even Pheebes can no longer sustain her. Now she has begun drastic measures to curb her appetite.

Were-lion Jordan knows that he and Nina are mates, but she can’t seem to abide being around him.
But if only she’d let her defences down he knows the passion between them could light up a city!
But when a shuttle is sabotaged and they are stranded far from home, Will Nina finally admit to herself that Jordan is what she needs or will she allow her animal free reign to satisfy itself whoever it sees fit?!?!

Jordan and Nina are wonderfully similar, even though neither of them would admit it! They were both great samplers of the other sex but when they met they just couldn’t seem to enjoy casual sex anymore. Nina is so strong and steady and she needs little fun in her life, Jordan is just the man for the job!