A great new series!


Sadie has just turned 40 and feels a bit…blah! She is newly divorced, her twins have gone off to college and she has moved to a tiny town to seek refuge in a cabin willed to her by her mother.
Sadie was always happy to be the housewife whilst her twin saved the world as a Surgeon but she is just lost and unsure what to do with the rest of her life.

But she has been treated like a leper by the townfolk and her body has a mind of its own, cos suddenly she looks and feels about 20 years younger!

Cougarville may not be the friendliest place at the moment but her handsome, if somewhat grumpy neighbour, Mathis is sure easy on the eyes, pity he’s a bit younger than her.

Mathis made a vow when he lost his mate early in their relationship never to love again. But his hot neighbour is giving off pheromones that would fell a lesser man! When he realises that Sadie has no clue what she is and what she is doing to the menfolk in town, he protects her. But his inner animal wants to do more than help, he wants his mate!

Sadie and Mathis make a lovely couple. Both emotionally damaged and wary of new relationships, although for different reasons. Liam is a bit of a pompous idiot but get that he was trying to help Sadie. I can’t wait to see what unfolds next in this crazy town!