Johnny is hiding in plain sight. Who would think that the human stripper with the cyborg routine is actually a cyborg! He has noticed a certain female hiding at the back of the club when he dances and when he singles her out one night she seems to want him but runs anyway!

Milly is fighting her awful ex for a divorce. He wants her ship but he’ll get it over her cold, dead body. Her trips to watch Johnny dance are her only highlights. When she stumbles on a sexbot shop she finds what she thinks is a perfect replica of Johnny, little does she know he’s the real deal! After agreeing to try him out they return to her ship. But as things develop between them the ship is hijacked and Milly is left fighting off pirates!

Milly is perfectly cast as the foil to Johhny’s big, bold personality. She has endured a lot and come out on top. With a joint enemy revealed, they work together to bring about some justice. Brilliant read!