When pirates boarded his ship Allex sought shelter in the hidden tunnels that he and his brother know so well. But he never expected to find his hidey-hole already occupied and get a clonk on the head as a bonus!


Priya is a stowaway on board ship. A reluctant one but that won’t really help when she is found. But when fate drops Allex in her path she thinks she might have been found out already. But as they learn they are on the same side, the plot to free the crew and passengers.

But as the escape plan unfolds, the passion between them mounts. But Priya has the gene and therefore barred from bonding with him, but that little wrinkle won’t stop Allex!

Allex and Priya are lovely together. Through circumstances she found herself on board but decided to make the best of it. Allex has more to him than even he thinks! He makes a great Alpha male!

I can’t wait to see what happens next.