Joe Kuntz, Kujo to his team mates, has fallen off the grid. When an injury got him discharged from Delta, he had to leave his friends and hi war dog, Six, behind. Now essentially hermit in the mountains his life is simple and lonely. But when he is tracked down by former team-mates with a job offer and more importantly that Six needs him.


Molly is on her first real solo fieldwork mission. She came across intel of an ISIS training camp in Montana and with resources stretched, she was granted authority to carry out some recon on her own, no interaction with the bad guys. Pity the bad guys didn’t get the same message!

When her drone is shot down and then she is shot at and forced from the track she was riding on, Molly realises that her cover may have been blown. Rescued by the enigmatic, stubborn and taciturn Joe and his dog Six, she is in no shape to argue but she is not about to spill all her secrets. But when Joe’s cabin is set alight he is pulled deeper into Molly’s case and he brings in the “Brotherhood” to assist. Molly realises she was never quite as Solo as she thought!

Excellent book. I have only read a few of the others in this series but it in now way hampered me or detracted from my enjoyment of the book, they are all able to be read independently. Wonderful web of PTSD, wounded veterans, small town politics and big time romance. Joe is a great hero, even when he doesn’t want to be! Six almost steals the show though, he is a cutie with a strong work ethic. Molly is a great, strong, character. She is a professional law enforcement officer and no wimpy damsel in distress!