Charli Rae is back! She has settled back into the nuttiness that is Hazel Rock. She is still wondering why she cares what Cade gets up to, when he has ignored her for months. Then there is Mateo, a man who makes a brown cop uniform look good! He seems to be interested in her but at the same time is keeping his distance. So at the moment the only man in her life is her dad. He helps around the store, helps with the craft classes and generally makes her life easier.


The Cowboy Ranch Invitational is a big deal to the town and a much needed way to raise funds for a local charity. When Scarlett takes up with Dalton, one of the rising stars, she sets the town gossips jaws wagging. But not as much as they do when Dalton goes missing, just like his brother did after being seen with Scarlet several years before!

Charli is quick to defend Scarlett and sets out to find Dalton and tear him a new one for what he has done to Scarlett. But has he really vanished? Is he hiding out? Is it a media stunt? As the story unfurls we learn that not every one is what they seem. Charli also seems to find herself with another potential beau to muddy the romantic pool further!

I love this series so hard! Princess the armadillo is such a character herself! Eve’s gate continues to weed out the bad eggs and Hazel Rock, population 2000 odd souls continues to rack up the dead bodies! Charli is in such a quandary over her love life, she just can’t seem to decide what and who she wants. One of my favourite scenes is near the end of the book where 3 certain clowns entertain Charli and the masses. I just loved that even though they may have different opinions on what Charli means to them and how she fits in their lives, they are willing to work together to keep her happy, safe and cherished!

I’m dreading the wait for book 3!!!!!