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#5 A Wolfs Hunger: ZOHAR
A soul shrouded in darkness…can it find the light and save his tortured mind from madness?

My review:

Zohar has made a name for himself as the scary as heck Enforcer who keeps packs in line. He walks a fine line between light and dark, doing unspeakable things which are slowly eroding his soul. But when an inexplicable hunger tears at his insides, no amount o hunting seems to contain it. When his friend tells him he believes his mate it near Zohar cannot believe it. He has done too many bad things for the Goddess to give him such a gift.

When he and Danko race to destroy an Alpha who is terrorising his pack, he meets a certain female wolf who refuses to cower to her Alpha and more worryingly seems to think that he is not as scary as his reputation would lead you to believe!

Maisy refuses to be her Alpha’s new plaything. He has committed so many atrocities against the pack, especially the females, that she will fight him to the last breath. But when he makes an example of her friend, Maisy’s usually meek and mild personality gets an infusion of pure anger and hatred and she sees red. When Zohar and the other enforcers arrive and deal with her Alpha she finds herself drawn to the large, looming Enforcer. She should be terrified of him…so why isn’t she???

Another fantastic book in the Wolf’s Hunger world! Maisy may be small and timid but she does have the heart of a very passionate wolf, she just needs the added strength of a certain Enforcer! I loved the way Maisy came into her own, became more assertive in her attitude and dealings with the pack. Zohar may be an isolated figure through his job, but he seems to take to the temporary Alpha position well. He and Maisy are total opposites and it just works so well. She needs his strength and he needs her to keep the darkness at bay.

Danko is a bit a lad! I loved his machinations! He totally bends Zohar to his will and makes him face up to what is happening…just as a friend should! I can’t wait to see what happens next, hopefully it includes Danko getting his mate cos he really needs a does of his own medicine!

Keep an eye out to see which other fabulous authors will be joining the ‘Hunger’ – It won’t be stopped !
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