Homer worked alongside Robby and Auggie Owens during 17 years with an Elite group of soldiers. Now the war is over and he recognises Robbie as his Alpha. Sent on a supply run he attempts to avoid the worst smells in the ruins but when he smells a unique, powerful scent he follows it, knowing that his mate is on the end.


Camille hates herself for what she did to survive. She essentially sold herself to a drugs supplier in order to be safe. But when she got pregnant he turned up the cruelty another notch. Now running for her baby’s life as well as her own, Camille is cornered and in trouble. Enter one tall, deadly wolf who defends her and takes her to safety. But no mate is going to want to raise another wolf’s child..is he?

I loved Homer! He is honour, integrity and sexiness in one musclebound package! Camille is strong and a survivor. She is the one who finally comes up with a plan, a pretty good one, to get rid of the dangers which keep attacking the pack. Add in some backwoods drug dealers and a deal with the devil to set Homer and the others free.

Can’t wait for book 5!