Another great new military/PNR series to fall in love with!


Jax just oozes Alpha and he is just Marine to the core, even though it wasn’t really his choice to sign up. Kat is buttoned up so tight, she may just explode! Daughter of a Marine, she was earmarked for intelligence, but she was determined to get to the front line and kept up to date on all her fitness requirements. Now is her chance to get to the front line when she is “asked” to try out for Bravo team.

But with a hidden agenda from her superior to adhere to, Kat is put in the position of spying on the very team she wants to join! But with their track record Bravo are just TOO GOOD and everyone wants to know their secrets!

Jax meanwhile has been given his own plan to have Kat wash out to keep Bravo’s secrets intact. Pity his wolf is claiming Kat as his mate and Jax the man can’t help but respect the work and strength displayed by Kat!

Loves this. There was a real slow build to the sexy times, which really fit in with the different ranks taboo and trainer/trainee relationship that Jax and Kat face. I loves her repartee with the rest of the team and she had them eating out of her hand. It was heavy on the descriptions of the tests and training that Kat has done and is undertaking so that bogged it down a wee bit. Other than that it was a strongly crafted story with really interesting characters!

Cannot wait to see what happens next!