Theron is huge, brooding and essentially a big teddy bear to his friend Sienna. She’d run a mile if she knew that he has been lusting after her. His fantasies run to the dark side and he doesn’t want to wreck their solid friendship.


Sienna feels that everyone sees the pretty face and are aghast when they realise that she is a strong soldier and loves to be in the thick of the action. She knows Theron is the one person who sees more of her than anyone else but even he doesn’t know who she is at er core. They have both lost their families and are alone in the world. But can these two fractured souls find solace in each other or are they destined to stay friends?

Theron is muy caliente and Sienna is a soldier through and through, her outer appearance just makes her that more of a weapon cos know one sees her as a threat! Theron’s fantasies over Sienna are dark but she is willing to go along with them and they have a fabulous safe word!! As usual there is a healthy does of humour along with the danger and I love trying to figure out who is next in the love firing line – I’m betting on Hemi and a very evasive female!!!

Wonderful read and now I have to wait on tenterhooks for the next one!!!