Well all good things must come to an end and I’m sad to see the end of Kendall and the crew!


She has faced tragedy, despair, loss and a gamut of other emotions, all whilst dealing with a divorce from Levi, reconnecting with Malcolm, learning about her missing childhood and becoming pregnant for a 4th time! More than enough for any one persons plate!

Kendall stepped through a portal to protect those she loved and seal in the shadows. She left everyone, including her new baby behind. But time moves differently in the Shadow Dimension and what has been a tense week in Austin had been a century for Kendall! But when Malcolm manages to get her back on the right side of the portal more than her hair colour has changed!

Thoroughly satisfied with the ending. Great pace and story was well written and plotted. Lots of twists and turns and a healthy dollop of humour mixed in. I loved the fact that Levi just stepped up to the plate and looked after Abbi amongst the madness. Further secrets of the gang’s “safe haven” are revealed and Top Hat becomes a kinda ally! Sad to see them go but glad everything worked out in the end, even with the losses they sustained.