OMG Jack is back with a bang! This book is a tad more wide ranging than the previous in the series and there was a fair amount of action packed into it. But as with any Matthew Reilly book, it reads like a madcap movie and before you know it you are thick in the middle of it and mot wanting to put it down until Jack and the gang get out of this or that jam (instead they get sucked into another and before you know it’s 3am!!)


Most of our favourites are back and most at least get a mention as to why they’re not in the book. Our wonderful ragtag crew are all a bit older, including Lily and Alby who are now at college (Gulp!) The bad guys are not all what they seem and the weaving of the various myths within the story was great.

I am not giving away any spoilers but there are some other MR characters popping up in this and I had a huge smile on my face when I realised who they were and why they were there. It was also great to see more of the always mysterious Mae (aka Jack’s mum!)

I was a bit annoyed as I could not find an explanation as to why the “kingdoms” were aligned as such and why such and such was bigger than another. I was also left feeling a bit let down that the formerly kicka$$ that is Zoe was kind of relegated to mentioned but not really seen wallpaper (so hoping this has something to do with the “3” book or I will be grumpy! There was a good recap of the previous adventures and how they fit now into this larger story-arc that we see unfold.