Kate Campbell has managed to remove herself from her wreck of a marriage. She just needs to get her soon to be ex to sign on the dotted line. But when she turns up at the appointed time she finds her husband has been mutilated!


Jack Sandoval is a warlock in the La Paz clan. They hind in plain sight rather then in little enclaves like the McAllisters and Wilcoxes. He gets assigned the murder and meets Kate at the crime scene. He realises that the murder has bee But as the tension mounts, he realises that Kate has become a target herself and he takes her into hiding.

Kate and Jack realise that her tenuous link to the McAllister Clan maybe why she is being targeted and they take steps to ensure her safety but not before terror strikes close to Jack’s clan. But Kate feels torn, she should be mourning her husband. shouldn’t she? Yes they were getting divorced but surely she can’t be lusting after the hot detective when her husband is so freshly murdered?

This will keep you on your toes! Just when you think you have it sussed, more twists wreck your solution! Kate is brilliantly portrays the torn, distressed female and feels so terrible lusting after Jack. Jack is tall, dark and oh so Alpha! He knows that Kate is his, he just has to get her to see that, even though the timing sucks! Brilliant read!