Ax has not been home in years. He left when it was clear that his adoptive fathers son was going to be the next Alpha, even though he was the stronger, more capable wolf. But with his fathers death he is returning hoe to pay his last respects and meet his brothers fiance. But what’s a guy to do when his fated mate is engaged to his brother! The Hunger is taking over his life but he can’t see a way to satiate his beast but save his last family relationship!


Aimee may be betrothed to Kendall but she feels a weird pull to Ax. She doesn’t want to hurt Kendall but her heart is being torn in two directions – passion and duty!

This has Cain and Abel written all over it! You couldn’t help cheering for Ax, even though Kendall didn’t really do anything to hurt Ax specifically. They all had their own pressures, forcing them along their own paths, leading them to a confrontation and hopefully peaceful resolution!