The finale book in an undeniably great series. It has been an adrenaline rush keeping up with the taskforce crew but all good things have to come to an end sadly.


The 3rd book takes up at almost the end of the 2nd book, so you really do have to read the series in order just to keep things straight in your head.

Dez be mind numbing babysitting duty of a young child and his parents. What she walks in on is a bloodbath of an ambush. Thankfully her young charge was not present and she is able to secure him before the bad guys get a bead on him. She goes off grid but not before the delectable Mick appears to be her back up!

But when Sully’s crew keep catching up to them, they realise there has to be a leak on the taskforce. Dez only really trusts Mick and her partner so when they go off grid she takes them to the place she fled 10 yrs before. Nothing like small town scandal to mask their very real need to be able to see the bad guys coming.

But even in the midst of all this, Mick can’t deny the pull he feels towards the lovely, but perfectly deadly Dez! He knows she has her secrets, so does he, but even uncomfortable with their cover as he is, he can’t disregard just how…happy he feels knowing she is safe.

There are moles, deadly drug runners, aunties with sheriffs in tow and a certain devastated little boy, who is valiantly trying to soldier on after the loss of his parents and uncertainty of his future. Dr Diane was a brilliant sideline character and if she ever appears in her own book I’d be stoked!

Fast paced, engaging, laugh inducing, toe-curling passion and a HEA to satisfy my little romantic soul! Brilliant read!