Zane and Raquel finally get their book!


Zane doesn’t feel like he should be one of the Outsiders. He has done some horrible things in his past. His weird talents just making him stand out more and more.

Raquel feels just as unworthy, if not more so. She may have been forced to do the terrible things in her past but she takes the responsibility. She has vowed to never again hurt anyone with her flames but can she trust her soulmate to temper the worst of her heat?

There are more laughs and tears, unimaginable allies and the big bad finally makes an appearance.
If you thought Seb was bad wait till you meet dear old Dad! We have another time leap care of Isabelle and we learn of the mysterious BAM that attempts to end the Outsiders! Oh and don’t forget the Zombies – yeah you heard me, Zombies!

A fantastic read with the action and suspense ramping up nicely. I’m really excited to read what comes next and how destiny/fate can muck up the Outsiders lives next!