Cade is enraged that unknown fox shifters have been getting past the town’s defences and bit an unsuspecting human. Harper may be accepting her new nature but the perpetrator still has to be caught and punished.


When he meets Mina she is at the business end of a rifle, waiting for him to make a wrong move when he arrives at her home looking for her baby brother. When it becomes clear that his punishment is imminent, Liam, Mina and the unsinkable Granny head to Heartsridge.

Mina may be his fated mate, but they both have baggage and she is not so keen to Mate with him.
Mina’s father was a Purist and didn’t believe in in inter-species relationships, and she is having a hard time blocking these ingrained beliefs.

Cade is big, burly and oh so growly. That man’s tongue needs registered as a lethal weapon!! Hot as can be and a great story too!