It’s time for the Boss Man to have his HEA!


Mack is used to leading from the front, he expects nothing from his men that he isn’t equally ready to do. The team are trailing after Jack Mankel after his last exploit sorry Caroline kidnapped. They have a fix on his current location and they are being dropped in by an Air Force flight.

But when the slimy tentacles of J ensure that the flight crashes, the team and their pilot, Marley, are left to hoof it through the Congo to the mission. Marley has her own secrets and regrets and lives for her young daughter. When she and Mack get separated from the rest of the team, they bond over their shared heartaches and light match to an incendiary passion they can’t seem to ignore.

I’m sad to see the last of the Mercy team meet their match but the Mayhem team look like very interesting reading! Reaper and the boys have all got their own torments and I truly hope they get to strike back at their torturers!

Fast paced, but fully formed story with characters who’ll make you laugh, cry and shout at the e-reader!! Treachery and tragedy may have brought them together but if Mack and Marley can get past their pigheadedness they’ll be a strong unit! I read this in one fell swoop (staying up to 1am to finish) cos I could not put it down! Little Maddie clearly knows how to wrap a man around her little finger and I can see her being a total man magnet when she is older!