What a magnificent start to a new series!!! Demons from Hell are creating havoc in Minneapolis and the Unholy Inc are on the case! Nate lived a scheming, selfish life at the turn of the 20th Century but when he died attempting to save someone else, very uncharacteristically, he is given another chance at life and redemption by guarding relics which keep Evil at bay.


Jessie is a law student paying her way through college working at her uncles bar…well she did until some shyster conned him out of it! She has been kept on as her alter ego JBlaze is an expert show-woman mixologist! Her life is looking on the up after a short, passionate encounter with her hunky neighbour Nate, but she never expected to be working for him!!!

Nate and Jessie are flung in at the deep end as the demons begin to plague Jessie’s family and friends and before she knows it she is knee deep in demon training! But what’s a girl to do when a hunkalicious male keeps telling her she is the one for him but she has self esteem & abandonment issues and is just waiting for the other shoe to drop? Can Nate get Jessie to see herself as he does or will her insecurities tear them apart?

I got totally sucked into this wonderful world and just couldn’t put it down. The characters leap off the page and into your brain! The storyline is tight and the passion needs to be measured on the Richter scale. With wonderful secondary characters such as Walt and Tillie and Dante and the other Guardians, all with their own powers to intrigue and on occasion help out! Nate and Jessie are wonderfully pigheaded, stubborn and adorable at the same time. Nate is protective and possessive, everything Jessie wanted but she can’t seem to let him in. She in turn only knows THIS Nate giving him the opportunity of a clean start.

Laclan the Incubus had better redeem himself tout suite – I cannot have a fellow Scot as a bad guy!!! I cannot wait to see what happens with Kat and Ari, Nate’s fellow guardians, that is going to be steamy when passion meets Kat’s ice cold facade and this time he’s not going anywhere!