Drake’s family continue to cause havoc in the nicest possible way!


Aiden and Evie started something whilst he was helping out Drake and Karen (book 9). But when he got some news related to his past he dropped her like a hot potato and she is nursing an epic bruised ego! Drake isn’t exactly happy with him either! If it’s not work related they don’t talk.

Evie has been tagging along with her bosses whilst they tour Greece. But a last minute trip to Turkey has left her in danger. She has been chased and kidnapped and she just wants to go home.

When the team gets alerted to Evie being missing Aiden is the first to step forward to rescue her. Drake is needed back home due to an emergency so he warns Aiden to bring back his sister or else!

When the danger switches from Turkey to nearer home, ALL the Avery girls find themselves a target but can Aiden and the boys save them in time?

Egads this was a ride! Aiden is trying to save Evie from his past but in the process puts their tentative relationship into the crapper! Evie doesn’t know what to make of his sharp exit and is wary at letting him back into her life. I loved all the conflicting emotions and the all the Avery girls are tough, even when they don’t realise. it. I’m really hoping Trenda is next to get a happy ending cos that cutesy toddler needs a hero Daddy!

Evie may be in distress but she won’t just sit there and wait to be rescued! This women will rescue herself if you giver her an opening! Fantastic, well paced story with a cast of characters that make you laugh, cry and downright swear at the kindle! Brilliant read!