This new series has began with a bang!!! Lucian may be the boss at Silver Industries but that doesn’t mean he always gets his way. If so Cassandra would not be in his company. He feels he has lost control after having outside investors come in and now this interfering, intriguing woman is everywhere!! It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t find her as hot as heck.

Cassandra just wants to do her job. She understands that Lucian is uncharted waters with her but that’s his problem! She was hired to do a job and everyone else at the company gets along with her just fine. But that lust-inducing, panty melting grin of his drives her nuts!

But when a stalker starts to threaten Cassandra, Lucian becomes her knight in armour.

The the sexual attraction between Cassandra and Lucian is palpable and totally HAWT! The rapport between the operatives and their boss is also fun and they can obviously see that Cass and Lucian can’t! A book that reads like a movie is brilliant as you zip along at a good brisk pace. GIMME MORE!!!