This was a thrilling start to a new series. This was also a new author to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Ginger Odom has lost her husband, works endless hours saving for nursing school and drives a clunker of a vehicle. Getting pulled over by a cop after a double shift as a waitress is just the icing on top of a crap day! But when said cop is killed in front of her, her luck takes a further nosedive!
She has been arrested and is the ONLY suspect the cops appear to be looking for. The shadowy male she saw is being downplayed as a figment of her imagination.

Enter The Paladins. Newly formed agency employing veterans of the armed forces, they investigate in crimes just like that which Ginger is accused of. They believe she is innocent and well do all in their power to free her. It defo helps that her adopted auntie is their receptionist!

Hale Peters hasn’t even had his orientation through the company when he thrown into the deep-end on his first case! He has a cane and brace on his damaged leg but he can still save people, just not be jumping out of aeroplanes any more! His first reboot will be to keep Ginger safe from possible vigilantes and investigate any other leads. He wisely decides to call in the help of The Devil Dogs, a bunch of veteran OAPs to help out. They may be retired but they are still sharp as a tack and have contacts allover the county!

But as the danger mounts and twists unfold Hale and Ginger realise that the passion they feel towards each other is more than a passing fling, but how can they fit a relationship into their already busy and upheaved lives?

The Devil Dogs almost stole the show! I loved these oldsters making their mark on the investigation! Hale is the perfect mix of wounded veteran and still Alpha hero with a dose of smarts to go along with all the muscles! Ginger had been dealt a bad hand with a domineering, misogynistic husband but from that she inherited a wonderful auntie, who thinks the sun shines on Ginger.She may be out of her depth but she doesn’t want the Paladins or the DD doing anything and keeping her out of the loop!

I can’t wait to read more in this series! I can really see this being a long running series and well worth a read!