I’m really enjoying this series and was not disappointed with this instalment.


Robbie is the latest Owen brother to fall for a Knox blonde, only this one isn’t a werewolf – she’s a human! And she keeps blasting some kind of canon that knocks him out and lets her tend potentially fatal wounds.

Tatyana has been obsessed by this particular Owens boy for years! She has been watching him from afar in her own version of “The Truman Show”! As one of the last remaining humans, she is getting her base decommissioned before heading off world. But when things go a bit pear shaped, she swoops in to save Robbie one last time.

But when the knock out drug no longer works on her obsession, will she be able to leave him behind? Will he let her leave just as he realises just who she is to him?

I did find wee bits of the story disjointed but that could just be my brain! I’m hoping the next in the series flows a wee bit more smoothly.