Reapers are supposed to stay detached but Fintans brother in arms are falling like flies – there is now even a female Reaper! When he is out on patrol he catches sight of Catriona and is drawn to her like no other female before. She is human, no powers, no glamour. So why does she have a trail of Fae swarming her????

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Catriona is reeling from the loss of her siblings. Her Grandfather is all she has left in the world and she will do anything to keep him safe. She is a damp squib magic wise but Fae are stalking her and the mysterious Fintan has entered her life, offering to protect her. But is he has good as he seems?

Brilliant read. Loved the ever composed, serious and disciplined Fintan. Cat has her moments – she is so used to people letting her down, she finds it hard to trust anyone – especially Fae.

Great addition to the series!