Lana had been a vagrant on the ship before it crashed. Now she has the chance to actually be a productive member of her new settlement. She is learning to hunt under the tutelage of Astarot, who is hot, huge and winged!


Astarot knows Lana is his mate, he just has to get HER to realise this! When on a hunting expedition they are taken by pirates, they must work together to free themselves. But when they get away the action is really only beginning as they meet new inhabitants of Tajss and realise that Lana and her friends may not be the only survivors from the ship!

Enjoyable read. Astarot can come across as a bit stalkerish at times but thankfully his attentions are benign and Lana does want him, she just doesn’t want to admit it to herself. Looking forward to seeing more of our new crash survivors and the mysterious “tribe”!