I have enjoyed this series so far but was a wee bit disappointed with Warrior.


The Purity Force are out to eradicate the Cyborgs. They are in hiding under the leadership of Savage (well named!). Meanwhile a bunch of well meaning but clueless human students decide to try and release a group of Cyborgs being held in New York. But their protest/escape plan clashes with Thunders own rescue attempt.

Thunder takes her to use as a hostage but things get a tad heated and he finds himself trying to keep her safe.

I found most of the cyborgs highly unlikable and even Thunder himself is kind of an ass! Melissa and her crew are just too naïve and so uncoordinated. I found the rush into the romance just a bit too quick and the ending was a wee bit disjointed. Hoping that the next in the series will be back on form

3.5 stars